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WordPress Web Design Top Tips. 1. A Great WordPress Hosting Plan


No. 1 Your Hosting Plan

Your first step to building a site with WordPress is to find a good WordPress hosting company and get yourself a good WordPress hosting plan. By good, I mean, a company that has dedicated WordPress servers. Your hosting company will preferably be running linux servers for your WordPress website.

Here are the official WordPress hosting requirements.

Technical Support

The other key feature that I look out for from a WordPress hosting company is excellent technical support. As you learn to navigate your way through the new technicalities of WordPress installation and converting a development site to the main launched website, there are great materials and forums online from to help you with this. In addition there is nothing like friendly, patient, immediate technical support from your hosting company. A phone number is good, an online chat service is a real bonus, for saving chat logs containing technical information that can be referred back to later on.

I love working with

Site 5 always has highly trained, well informed support personnel, willing to give a helping hand.

That’s the first step. Research your host well and make a decision that balances cost with quality wordpress servers and technical support. There are good companies out there. Find the right one, and it will put a spring in the step of your WordPress life.

If you have had great experiences with WordPress hosting plans. Please let me know and we can add it to recommendations in this blog.

Ready for Step 2. Read on….

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    CourtneyJanuary 28,15

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      Why thank you, WordPress is the best 🙂

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